Building Companies & Careers Since 1996




 Our sales organization identifies and recruits highly productive, revenue generating, high earning sales / business development professionals and pairs them with outstanding career opportunities in targeted industries / vertical markets.  We have done this since 1996. We understand high producing sales talent (their challenges, sales processes, thinking, frustrations, goals, etc.) and how to align their interests with a hiring managers interests for a win-win relationship.

Some of the Vertical Markets / Targeted Industries We Serve:

-Specialized Lending / Finance; SBA, ABL-Factor, QSR, CRE, etc.

-Automotive Finance / Sales to Dealers; indirect auto, aftermarket, flooring, aftermarket, tech, etc.

-Wealth Management, Treasury, Deposit, Cash Mgmt, etc.

-Fin-Tech, Payments & Cards

-B2B Business / Financial Services Sales

-College Athlete to a Prof. Sales Career & Sales Internships

*SBA is our original and largest vertical market

Our candidates typically earn from $100,000 to $1,000,000 in income or are on their way to significant earnings.  Our team also places revenue supporting positions (underwriters, analysts, account managers, sales support, etc.).

SEARCH SOLUTIONS: Retained, modified retainer (engagement), contingent & project-interim

CANDIDATE PLACEMENT PROCESS(CPP): For qualified candidates we provide our candidate-centric career placement process.

SEARCH PROCESS: Our Talent Acquisition Action Plan (TAAP), a step-by-step process for recruiting a targeted candidate profile and managing the hiring process


COMPANY BACKGROUND: Established in 1996, by Michael McLain, as an executive sales recruiting firm.  Initially, we were very successful and profitable in under 90 days.  Then through a client referral we got a lead on a bank needing us to find them SBA BDO’s.  We began recruiting SBA BDO’s for one bank and then another and then another. We were then asked to bring in SBA Underwriters and Loan Packagers to help close the loans the BDO’s were bringing into the bank. This became our blueprint for starting with BDO’s (Sales) and adding supporting roles in Specialized Lending practices.  Our founder, Michael McLain, became of the nation’s most successful executive recruiters for the SBA Lending and added other Specialized Lending / Financial Services Sales (Business Development) positions paying $100K+.  During the initial years,  Mr. McLain also developed the basis for our client  and candidate operational processes (TAAP & CPP) and a career development plan for our Recruiters and Project Coordinators. Today, we are a growing, specialized recruiting firm!